Parents from Buffalo

Parent? From Buffalo or the surrounding areas? Come on in....

Parents who are from buffalo
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I decided to revamp my community once again. I'm going back to it being just for parents from buffalo. Although I have also made a community for parents from anywhere. If you would like to leave here and go there...that would be wonderful. It is real_altparents. Take a look.

Anyway this community is now for anyone from the Western New York or Southern ontario area with kids. If you wanna talk to cool parents about everything and anything this is the place for you. All parents are welcome, single, married, punk, christian, rich, or poor, basically anyone :). Hey even if your pregnant and expecting a child. I'm sure we can give ya some advice. If this community takes off I would like to eventually meet up with some parents and set up playdates for our kids.

*Remember* Be respectful of everyone. Any posts that are abusive or offensive will be removed and actions will be taken. This is a safe place for us to talk about our children. And we all know how protective we can be of our children.

***By the Way Spamming is welcome, to an extent. If you got Ebay Auctions for things parents would be interested in *Place them here*. Got a community to promote *by all means*. Just don't fill the community with too many "ads"****

If you had a hard time finding the community let me know what kinds of intrests I can put up to make it easier.