Spirituality disorder (quilldriver) wrote in buffalobabies,
Spirituality disorder

This community isn't exactly hoppin but I thought I would give it a try.

I am a young mother of 2 kiddies orginally from Jamestown NY. However, The past two years we lived in Saratoga Springs NY.We recently decided to save some money and move closer to family (just not too close) So my sweetie relocated his job and we moved to Lackawanna.

My kiddies are Bella 4 years and John Elliott 10 mos. I had a really hard time meeting other moms in Saratoga Springs mainly because I am only 23 and a little on the funky side. I stay home with my little bumpers where we do lots of arts n crafts, outdoor stuff, and lately the game "memory" has been huge (the My Little Pony addition of course)
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