Arielle long ago forgot what this says (redroad) wrote in buffalobabies,
Arielle long ago forgot what this says


So I am hammering out the daycare thing & looks like it will work out so that I won't have to forfeit a decent job. Yay!

I am thinking though...
How many people are part of this group?
How old are your kids?
Play groups?
Babysitting swapping, etc?

I'm a single mommy with a 3 and a half year old daughter. He r grandmawatches her pretty much exclusively. Thank god for that. I go out of my mind though being stuck at home all the time. I know virtually nobody I'd even consider asking to watch her once in awhile.

I had been hanging out in Delaware park every Sunday but people seemed to not be so into that so I lost interest too. Perhaps a revival is in order though. Maybe Sunday afternoon isn't the right time? Anyway... Yes, I want this community more active hehe.

SPEAK UP PEOPLE! Picnic? To get to know one another? It never hurts to have someone to tade off babysitting with right?

EDIT: I live in Tonawanda. Where do YOU all live???
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