Spirituality disorder (quilldriver) wrote in buffalobabies,
Spirituality disorder

This community isn't exactly hoppin but I thought I would give it a try.

I am a young mother of 2 kiddies orginally from Jamestown NY. However, The past two years we lived in Saratoga Springs NY.We recently decided to save some money and move closer to family (just not too close) So my sweetie relocated his job and we moved to Lackawanna.

My kiddies are Bella 4 years and John Elliott 10 mos. I had a really hard time meeting other moms in Saratoga Springs mainly because I am only 23 and a little on the funky side. I stay home with my little bumpers where we do lots of arts n crafts, outdoor stuff, and lately the game "memory" has been huge (the My Little Pony addition of course)
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We have the princess version of the 'memory' game.

I made this community a while ago and no one seems to be interested. Glad you posted and welcome.

I'm 25 from South Cheektowaga. I have a 3yr old girl named Kayleigh, and a 8mo old girl named Mackenzie. We don't have many friends either. I'm a hermit. I don't like it...but its where my comfort zone is. Maybe we can meet at the park or something before it gets too cold. I'd like to meet other mommies before cabin fever starts to set in. :)
Bella would love that! The park near us has been pretty empty :)
Where abouts are ya?
Hi there :) I'm Kim, married to Andy, and we have a 5 month old Andrew. It seems so old to say he's 5 months LOL I cant believe it has been that long. Seems like yesterday. Anyways, we're in Lockport. I grew up here, and my husband is from near Utica, NY. It'd be nice to meet some people, we're basically hermits too. None of my friends around here have kids, so I hang out with my mom a lot.
It's nice that your so close to your mom. I bet she is a huge help.

My mom lives outside of Albany so she would drive up to see us once a week in Saratoga. It was a lot of fun.
Hello. I, too, find it difficult to meet other moms and I have lived here in Lancaster my whole life! I have recently joined a mommy-baby exercise class and a mommy-baby swim class to try and meet some new people while still enjoying my baby girl (7 month old Kyleigh). Unfortunately, I work 40+ hours a week so it limits my time.