Why Don't You CHOKE On my FIST.asshole. (pistol_kissed) wrote in buffalobabies,
Why Don't You CHOKE On my FIST.asshole.

im new my name is Moriah i just turned 18, And the my ex bf (father of my unborn baby) isnt real supportive or here at all. im looking for info on benifits i can recieve, so that keeping my baby is possible. i know that with just my job alone...i cant afford a car,bills and a baby. so if anyone has some advice or info thatd be real cool.Im also looking for someone around my age to talk to on aim for info and support, i dont really know anyone in my predicament, my sn is prettyp1stolSAYS. thanks guys!
<3 Moriah

at 11 weeks

at 14 weeks 3 days

and now...
16 weeks 5 days

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